Friday, March 28, 2014

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Pink Dune


Apparently 2014 is the year I dabble in luxurious lipsticks. Who would have thought? Tom Ford released eight lip color sheer lipsticks as part of his Spring 2014 collection and, as you might have guessed, Pink Dune ($49) immediately caught my attention. Shimmery gold pinky nude lip color... it all sounds too familiar, I know. I only have a handful of other lipsticks that fall under the same category (some possibly exact dupes), but the sleek and chic white and gold packaging had me swooning when I first laid eyes on the ad campaign.

Thankfully, the formula proved to be just as big of a hit as the packaging. The scent of Tom Ford lipsticks reminds me a lot of MAC's, though nowhere as strong of a vanilla scent. Calling it a sheer lipstick is a bit of a misnomer, as Pink Dune layered quite nicely with two passes to give decent pigmentation but not to the point where I would consider it opaque. When worn alone, Pink Dune gives off a sheen that makes additional lipgloss unnecessary.

What I love about the formula is that I can keep on layering, but it would never feel heavy on my lips, unlike other lipsticks. What's equally amazing is the wear time of Pink Dune, given the fact that it's a nude lipstick. It wasn't until the sixth hour mark (and after talking and eating/drinking) that I noticed the color slowly start to fade from the middle of my lips. Nothing that re-application can't solve, and even then, I did not notice any flaking. Also, I would like to add that I did not experience chapped lips at the end of the day during the times that I have worn Pink Dune. Lipsticks with shimmer tend to make my lips peel, so I've always proceeded with caution. I am glad to report that this one in particular is extremely sensitive lip-friendly.

I can't foresee myself owning any more colors from the lip color sheer range, but I do want a couple of shades from his permanent range of lipsticks. Don't be too surprised if you see the infamous Spanish Pink or the Lip Color Shine in Bare show up in my future reviews. Just sayin'. That said, if you've been eyeing a lip color sheer, I'd strongly suggest snatching the color(s) that interests you as they are limited edition, and some colors have completely sold out.


  1. *gasp* This is the one that caught my eye. I love the shine! Not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger, but you've made it a bit harder to say no.
    I'll be excited to see your reviews of his other lip colors if/when you end up with them :)

    1. I now get the hype with TF lipsticks -- truly exquisite :). I hope you get your hands on Pink Dune if you're eyeing it! It's not a unique color, but the formula makes it worth the ridiculous price.

  2. this is so pretty! thanks for posting