Friday, March 14, 2014

Shu Uemura Silk Cushion Eyeshadow in Amber Brown and Blusher in Orange Quartz

Shu Uemura is a line I tend to forget about, because it's not as easily accessible here in the states (and I have my reservations with ordering products online without seeing them in person beforehand.) I only own one other Shu product, and it is the painting liner which was gifted from a friend nearly three years ago. To this day, the gel liner still has not dried on me and works just as well as when I first received it! So when I saw promo pictures of the Spring Collection Silk Cushion eyeshadows and blushers, I knew I had to venture into the Shu territory. As a fan of cream eyeshadows and neutral colors, by default, I had to get Amber Brown. The other three colors released with the collection were pastels, so I safely passed on them. Blush-wise, there were only two options: Orange Quartz and Pink Quartz. Because I already have other pink cream blushers in my collection, I went with the former, despite the rather intimidating color that was shown on the Shu site.

Silk Cushion Eyeshadow in Amber Brown

I had really high hopes for this eyeshadow, but this went on extremely sheer. With one swipe, the only thing I saw was silver glitter particles with the slightest hint of beige. It wasn't until three or four swipes later when I was able to see the warm brown base color of the shadow. Even then, it was nowhere close to what you see in the jar. Texture-wise, I would say it's a hybrid of Chanel Illusion D'ombre eyeshadows and Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. Like the Dream Bouncy Blush, with first use, one can clearly see the dent I had made in the jar. Also, like the Illusion D'ombres, the silk cushion eyeshadow is moussey in feel, though nowhere as glittery. The glitter particles are still present but less noticeable to leave a shimmery, light brown with red undertones shade when blended onto the lids.

The lasting power is equally disappointing. Even with my NARS Pro Prime Smudgeproof eyeshadow primer, I noticed creasing by the four hour mark, and that has never happened to any other eyeshadows I have ever tried before! If you're one who doesn't have issues with oily lids and prefer sporting lighter eye makeup, Amber Brown might be worth looking into as this may fare better.

Shu Uemura Silk Cushion Blusher in Orange Quartz

This blush initially went on sheer, much like its eyeshadow counterpart. However, the color is more easily buildable with a couple swipes with a synthetic blush brush. While I could have applied Orange Quartz with my fingers, I still prefer a brush, since it gives me more control in terms of placement and in depositing the perfect amount. This blush leans slightly on the orange side of peach blushes but with a neutral undertone, making it extremely wearable for all skintones. Additionally, there is no shimmer whatsoever in Orange Quartz. Instead, you're left with a glowy sheen, since the product does not entirely dry down to a powder finish.

Thankfully, the blush lasted on my cheeks longer than the eyeshadow did on my lids. In fact, the blush stayed vibrant without any signs of fading on me for a good seven hours (with no additional layering of powdered blush on top), which I would consider quite good for a cream formula. The product also does not oxidize -- an added bonus!

(Swatches: Amber Brown 3 swipes, blended; Orange Quartz 3 swipes, blended)

Overall, I would say that I was quite impressed by the blush from the Silk Cushion range, although I could do without the eyeshadow. If Shu expands the blush line from the current range in the future, I will definitely be investing in a couple more. Both of these products and the rest of the Silk Cushion range is currently available on Shu


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