Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cle De Peau Eye Color Quad in #305 Satin Moon

Cle De Peau's newly reformulated line of eyeshadow quads has got to be one of the most highly anticipated launches for fall 2014. I mean, how could it not be? Just look at those shades!

CDP released eight palettes that will be part of the permanent range to replace the former quads, and I couldn't be any happier. The older quads, while creamy in texture, was a bit ho hum in the color selections. None of the color combinations really called out to me, and the shadows themselves were more on the sheer side as well.

The new formula, however, is amazing -- to say the least. The quads, dare I say, easily rival Tom Ford's quads. Yes, you read that right. Tom Ford shadows translate much, much better on the eyes than they swatch at times. These CDP shadows swatch beautifully and they wear just as nicely. In terms of texture, I do find them smoother than some of TF's shadows. However, they both blend effortlessly and with great lasting power -- easily 10 hours with no fading nor creasing when applied over eyeshadow primer!

From the eight new quads, #305 Satin Moon was the one that really caught my attention. "Satin Moon" is a bit of a misnomer if you ask me, because all of the shades are anything but satin in finish. In fact, all four shades are shimmery in nature.

I cannot fault this palette in any way. If I were to nitpick, I'd say that Shade 4 is a bit on the drier side. It's also the only shade that's chock full of noticeable (yet finely finely milled) multi-colored glitter. Shades 1-3, however, are just phenomenal -- a dream to work with! I cannot say that the other quads are of the same caliber, as I didn't get the chance to swatch all eight of them, but the ones I did swatch, I loved. In fact, #303 Baby Universe is conveniently sitting in my cart as we speak.

My biggest gripe with CDP (and the main reason why I don't own any other CDP products aside from this quad) is that the palette ($55) and the compact ($25) are sold separately. It's a concept I could never fully wrap my head around, aside from profit-making from the company's standpoint. The refill might fit inside a Z-palette, but if you're already taking the CDP route, you might as well go all the way and just bite the bullet on an empty compact. That said, the older compacts are not compatible with these new quads.

I'm one of those folks who likes to use all of the colors in a palette for eye looks. To be honest, this palette is not complete on its own. It lacks a matte transition color and a solid brow bone highlight. However, for the sake of this review and my wanting to incorporate all four shades in one look, this is my favorite way to wear this palette. To make it more cohesive, I did reach for two additional Urban Decay shadows (both of which are easily dupable.)
  • Urban Decay Skimp as brow bone highlight (Any preferred highlight shade will do.)
  • Benefit B-day suit as a base all over the lid (optional)
  • Shade 1 on the inner 1/3 of upper lid and inner corner
  • Shade 2 on the outer 2/3 of upper lid
  • Shade 4 on the outer V and along the top lash line
  • Urban Decay Naked in the crease (MAC Kid or Wedge are good alternatives)
  • Shade 3 along the bottom lash line
  • Too Faced Perfect Eyes black liner to tightline
  • Givenchy Noir Couture Waterproof mascara on top and bottom lashes
 There's bound to be a quad for everyone with Cle De Peau's fall line-up. It will be hard resisting all the gorgeous color schemes, but thankfully, these are not limited edition. It's just a matter of time, really.

All eight quads are now available everywhere Cle De Peau color cosmetics is sold. I strongly suggest running to your closest counter for a swatch-fest. You can thank me later when you come home with a quad or two, although I'm not responsible for your thinning wallet.


  1. i want to get one of these new quads, but i just hate the fact that you have to buy the compact separately. I mean i am more likely to purchase the quad at $55 than $80 but also i wouldnt want something so precious as CdP in a z-pallette as thats wear eyeshadows go to die a slow painful death in my house!

    1. LOL! Any product I depot automatically falls under the soon-to-be-neglected category too! Plus, housing a CDP quad in a Z-palette is like applying Tom Ford eyeshadows with an ELF brush :D

  2. Oooooh. The shadow/case separate purchase is a big deterrent, but this quad might have to happen. I love the eye look you did! Just gorgeous

    1. Thanks, Jenn! The price tag made me wince, but thankfully the quality is reflected in its price :)