Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 08 Tulip Fields

Jill Stuart really brings out my inner princess. I mean, if that packaging doesn't scream girly at you, I don't know what does. I've always been interested in this line, but trying to find a reputable seller that carries her products is half the battle. (The other half of the battle being at a reasonable price.) Jill Stuart blushes come in two flavors: a loose form and a pressed version. Loose powders, in general, have never really struck my fancy, so I decided to pick up Tulip Fields (08) -- limited edition for Spring 2014 -- instead as my first Jill Stuart blush.

Like all of her products, this has a light rose scent when you first open the compact but quickly dissipates upon application. The blush is divided into four quadrants, and I particularly chose Tulip Fields because of the highlighter shade on the top left hand corner. Alone, it gives a very strong yellow lean -- a bit too yellow (and glittery!) for my liking -- so I've been enjoying mixing all four quadrants for a soft, glowy peachy-pink blush. Because it is so glowy, a highlighter is unnecessary. On days when I do want a more satin, rosy-pink blush, I just concentrate on the bottom half of the pan, and it is equally beautiful.

(Swatches: 4 quadrants individually, all 4 shades mixed)

Asian cosmetics products tend to be sheer in nature as they are meant to be built up. This blush is no exception. It is difficult to over-apply, and on my NC25 skin tone, I had to swirl my brush in the compact a few times to get just the right amount of pigmentation. On me, the blush lasts a good ten hours without any signs of oxidation or fading, which is quite impressive.

I was able to get Tulip Fields at Beauty Kat, since I didn't see the Spring collection on Imomoko. Both are great sites for authentic Jill Stuart products. The blushes run anywhere from $55-$65, but do keep in mind that you also get a rather nice goat hair brush (that can easily be detached.) I can't see myself owning more than three blushes from her line, as the colors are not all that unique. I do, however, have my eyes set on #10 Sweet Biscuit, since the color combination is slightly more different than the rest.


  1. This is a nice blush and I havent owned one yet because I want many!!!

    1. This will be a great "starter" blush, since the colors are slightly more unique :)