Monday, February 24, 2014

Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush in 01 Twinkle Pink

When Guerlain released two Meteorites Bubble Blushes for Spring 2014, I debated whether or not I should even bother purchasing one. For starter, the packaging is extremely cheap-looking and by that, I mean plastic packaging -- a total departure from the luxe packaging Guerlain is so well-known for. Secondly, the amount of product one gets by no means reflects the $42 price point for 0.14 oz of product. Ounce for ounce, it really puts Benefit's Rockateur to shame. However, I waited a bit too long and before I knew it, 01 Twinkle Pink sold out both on and, my two go-to retailers. (02 Fizzy Cherry is still available at the moment.) Thankfully, a dear friend of mine completely surprised me with it, and I couldn't be happier to add it to my cream blush collection!

If you are a fan of how the Guerlain Meteorites smell, you will fancy the Bubble Blush. If, however, the scent of violets turns you off, this blush is not for you. As mentioned before, I wasn't too fond of the packaging. On the plus side, it is extremely travel-friendly, since it is extremely light (although it might still take up a bit of space in one's bag.)

Formula-wise, this is a cream-to-powder blush. It still does not entirely dry down to a satin finish like the Chanel cream blushes. Instead, it gives a slightly dewy, glowy finish that reminds me a lot of the YSL cream blushes. I do appreciate how it does not stay tacky once the product sets, ie my biggest gripe when it comes to cream products. As far as longevity goes, this lasted a good six hours on my cheeks, which is considerably good for a cream product. Most of them tend to melt off my oily skin by the four hour mark.

I've applied it many ways, and I've found that the best way is over foundation (prior to any powder despite the cream-to-powder claim.) It just applies more easily and more evenly that way. I've also tried applying it with a brush, as well as directly onto my cheeks and then blend with a brush, and I actually prefer the latter. It is more precise and I can tell how much product goes on my cheeks. Do keep in mind that even though you think you may have over-applied, once you set with powder, you lose some of the color. In a pinch, finger application works just as well since the product itself blends so effortlessly.

When blended out, 01 Twinkle Pink is the quintessential Barbie pink blush in cream form. It works beautifully on fair to medium skintones, although I wouldn't recommend it on darker skintones as it'll barely show up. I can see, however, 02 Fizzy Cherry looking lovely on darker skintones. As mentioned, 01 Twinkle Pink is sold out on many places online, but I would suggest checking out your local department stores with a Guerlain counter, as they may still have a few in stock.
Monday, February 17, 2014

Giorgio Armani Belladonna Palette - Highlight

Aside from palettes, a good highlighter is my second biggest weakness. Forget the fact that I probably own multiple highlighters that are practically exact dupes of each other, I still cherish them all equally. It is rare for me to go a day (when wearing makeup) without adding some glow to the top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, my cupid's bow, and my chin. It is even more rare for me to be able to find a highlighter that serves all said purposes and acts as good eyeshadow when sweeped across the lids. Say 'Hello' to the latest highlighter addition to my collection: Giorgio Armani's Belladonna. A beauty indeed!

At $88, I would be lying if I were to say I had no reservations whatsoever when placing my order. I actually waited several weeks after the product launched before biting the bullet and, boy, was I glad I did. Belladonna is a stunner! Armani had referred to this as a "universal" highlighter, and I could see why. It gives a soft peachy-beige illumination that suits both warm and cool-toned folks. With one sweep of a brush, it gives a subtle glow. However, when built up to three sweeps, it can get quite frosty but never looking over the top.

What sets Belladonna apart from the other highlighters in my collection is how versatile it is. On days when I'm running late, I would quickly sweep the product over my eyes and just apply mascara, and it manages to somehow still give me a polished, wide-awake look. That is definitely something I cannot pull off with all highlighters, as they can make one look rather garish very quickly. The lasting power on the eyes is just as impressive as it is on the cheeks -- a solid ten hours with no signs of fading! Might I also add that the texture is unbelievable! It is buttery and incredibly finely-milled to the touch, and it simply glides on the face when applied with minimal effort.

The compact itself is plastic and a tad bulky for just a highlighter (as opposed to the same packaging which contained previous Armani face and eye palettes.) The bottom tier houses a brush that is a-okay, in my opinion. I still prefer the face brushes that usually come with Chanel and Dior products over the one that comes with Belladonna. For the hefty price, I expected a softer and fluffier brush, but it is still convenient for touch-ups on the go.

Armani's Belladonna is currently showing availability on, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and on the Armani site itself. I know Armani offers 20% off from time to time on its website, but if you don't want to risk Belladonna selling out before then, I would highly suggest checking out the closest department store to you instead. It is one product you do not want to miss out on!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach

If there's one blush I've been reaching for on a nearly daily basis the last couple of weeks, it would have to be the Too Faced Sweethearts blush in Peach Beach. Not only is the packaging super adorable (like most Too Faced products), but the blush itself really delivers a luminous and shimmery finish. Peach Beach is divided into three strips, two of which is slightly larger than the third. The smallest section is a champagne highlighter, while the center and last section is a medium rose and light terracotta bronze shade, respectively.

This blush is very shimmery, and even though the shimmer particles are not as finely-milled as some of the blushes I own, I still appreciate Peach Beach. The blush is designed in such a way that one can easily dip a brush in any of the three sections, so it's basically two blushes and a highlighter all in one. I personally enjoy swirling a brush in all three shades for a glowy peachy pink for the apples of my cheeks. Now a highlighter is absolutely unnecessary when applying this blush, but the highlighter fiend in me still likes to add a slightly bit more dimension to the tops of my cheekbones with either another champagne-toned highlighter or to go in the highlighter portion of Peach Beach with a separate brush.

(Champagne, Medium Rose, Terracotta Bronze, All 3 shades mixed)

One thing I wasn't too keen on, though, is the amount of powder this product kicks back. On my light-medium skin tone, I needed to apply more pressure with the brush into the pan to get the pigmentation I wanted. Because of that, I would notice excess powder accumulating round the edges of the pan. Minor gripe aside, the blush itself performs outstandingly, in terms of its wear-time: a solid ten hours with no signs of oxidation whatsoever. I can see light-to-medium skin tones with warmer undertones pulling off Peach Beach really nicely. Darker skin tones, however, can certainly wear this as a gorgeous highlighter.

I personally enjoy wearing this blush with warm (to neutral) neutral eye looks, which is basically my comfort zone when it comes to eye makeup. But there are days when I've even popped on the highlighter on the lid and some bronzer in the crease, and even that turned out beautifully. Who says cheek products can't be multi-functional, right? Too Faced Peach Beach is available permanently at all retail stores that sell Too Faced products, as well as Too
Sunday, February 9, 2014

YSL Rosy Blush/Face Collector Palette

When I saw fellow Instagrammers posting pictures of the Yves Saint Laurent Rosy Blush palette, limited edition for Spring 2014, I knew it'd be mine. I have always had good luck with YSL blushes, whether it be cream or powder, so I had really high hopes for this as well. And how could I not with its lovely design and packaging? I mean, it only took a good two weeks of my having the blush sitting on display on my vanity before I finally dipped a brush in it. It truly is a piece of art in of itself!

However, upon first application, I knew calling the product a blush was very inaccurate. In fact, I had to build up the color in order for it to show up as possibly a highlighter. With one swipe, I was left with silver glitter on my cheekbones. It wasn't until three swipes later, when I was able to see some color with a hint of illumination. As a fan and collector of highlighters, it is safe to say I have quite the range -- from the ones that are blatantly in your face to the most subtle of subtle. Disappointingly enough, I wouldn't even categorize YSL's Rosy Blush as even a subtle highlighter, since it does not give enough luminosity to enhance my cheekbones. It really just sits on top of my blush, while adding a silvery glitter aspect.

(Swatches: Three swipes, Blended)

Collector palette? I couldn't have agreed more, since I feel that this palette does serve that purpose. At a $50 price tag though? I'll leave it to your judgment. I can see this face palette working better and more beautifully on fair skin tones, as well as when paired with a more cool-toned blush. Even then, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend the product, because it is rather chalky and not what I would imagine meeting the standards of folks who are fans of YSL's other cheek products.

I have heard that this palette is selling out fairly quickly. I managed to snatch mine from my local Saks for $50, as Nordstrom was not carrying it. I do want to point out the price difference I had noticed -- it was showing up as $46 on the YSL website but is currently showing out of stock. Therefore, your local Saks or even Neiman Marcus might be your best bet if you are planning on tracking one down.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dior Rouge Dior in 531 Rose Crinoline

Ever had one of those love at first swipe moments? I knew I needed a back-up as soon as Rose Crinoline went on my lips. The words 'limited edition' basically solidified that notion. Admittedly, I adore pastel peachy coral lipsticks, but finding the right formula to match the right shade can prove to be quite the task. Sometimes, the shade is just perfect, but the formula is either too sheer or is irritating to my very sensitive lips. Other times, the lipstick provides just the right amount of opacity, but the color is a bit off, ie too pale or too coral. Hence, my pile of forgotten lipsticks.

Thankfully, Dior's Rose Crinoline provides just the perfect shade with just the right amount of pigmentation. I've always had good luck with Dior lipsticks, to be honest -- whether it be the Rouge Dior or the Dior Addict. I personally prefer the Rouge Diors, since the color is apparent with just a swipe (although there are days where I do appreciate the sheerness of Dior Addicts.) I was able to achieve the color in the tube with just two swipes across my lips.

What I love about the lipstick so much is how hydrating and creamy it is. The sheen the lipstick gives makes lipgloss rather unnecessary, as it would only serve to take away the gorgeousness of the color. Once it goes on, the color stays on for a solid four hours (and through eating and drinking, I should add!) That said, I would still recommend a lip balm underneath.

I strongly suggest giving Rose Crinoline on the lips a chance, even if the color in the tube may seem as though it's out of one's comfort zone. The same lipstick translates differently on everyone's lips, and it is more wearable than some have made it to be. I personally enjoy pairing this lipstick with a brown smokey eye and a hint of pink on the cheeks. Rose Crinoline is still available on Nordstrom, Macy's, and I would imagine your local Dior counters as well.