Friday, May 30, 2014

Guerlain Summer 2014
Sun Celebration, Terra Tropica, and Terracotta Le Parfum


Summer collections can be a hit-or-miss, but I am always drawn to Guerlain's summer offerings, especially the limited edition bronzers. It seems as though Guerlain releases two mini Summer collections each year, all within a two-month span, so just when I thought I was done with the collection, another new and shiny packaging bronzer grabs my attention. This year was no exception. I safely passed on the Rouge G's, polishes, glosses, brush and eyeshadow duo that also launched with the first collection, since I didn't find them too unique (although some may beg to differ on the Rouge G in 864 Rose Grenat.)

Sun Celebration Terracotta Bronzing Powder ($76)

There were mixed reviews on this bronzer, so I initially held off on purchasing it, but now that I have it, I just cannot stop using it. This is definitely the more versatile of the two bronzing powders, since it is technically two blushers and two bronzers housed in a wooden magnetic compact. It is easy to concentrate on each of the four quadrants with a small blush brush though. This powder can be easily worn as a peachy bronze blusher with all four shades combined. The gold overspray -- while beautiful and provides some shimmer -- only lasts for a couple uses. There is also a strong tiare flower scent that is very apparent upon detaching the compact and when applied, so do make note of that if you are one sensitive to fragrances.

(Clockwise starting with the orange quadrant):
#1) Satin Soft Orange: This is my favorite quadrant, but then again I may be biased, as I have a weakness for orange blushers in general. This particular shade blends and wears beautifully throughout the day. It imparts a subtle yet healthy glow in of itself.
#2) Slightly Shimmery Golden Tan: This is the most subtle of the four colors and the one I had most trouble swatching. This is a neutral-toned bronzer that will suit fair-light skin tones. I can also see it working as a fairly nice contour shade, despite the hint of shimmer.
#3) Satin Medium Rosy Pink: I really need to use a light hand with this particular shade, since it translates much darker on my skin than it looks in the pan, thus giving me that sunburnt cheeks effect.
#4) Satin Terracotta Tan: This is more suited for medium to darker skin tones, and it has the reddish undertone that Guerlain bronzers are very well known for. This is noticeably warmer and smoother in application than the shimmery golden tan bronzer.
#5) Slightly Shimmery Peachy Bronze: As you can tell, mixing all four shades gives this pigmented, universally flattering blusher that is neither too matte nor too shimmery.

Terra Tropica Bronzing Powder ($72)

I had to dig for gold in order to achieve the swatches you see below for this bronzing powder, so I nearly wrote it off as a complete and utter failure from the collection. However, I later learned it was one of those products that performs much better with brushes, and with the right brush at that. With a synthetic brush, all I saw was shimmer on my cheeks. With a denser, natural hair brush (like the Hakuhodo G503), though, the mix of the bronzer and blusher shades just gives a fairly shimmery, understated light peachy-coral color that is beyond gorgeous. That said, this is tailored more towards the fair to light-medium skin tones. Any darker than NC/NW35, and this bronzer may serve more as highlighting purposes.

#1) Shimmery light golden tan with slight orange undertone: This is the noticeably larger, crescent-shaped portion of the compact. It is quite shimmery, so I do not recommend this for contouring.
#2) Shimmery light peachy-coral: There is golden shimmer running through this blusher, so additional highlighting is unnecessary. However, it is quite light, so it does require some packing on to achieve the color in the pan.
#3) Shimmery light terracotta: Quite frankly, I am drawn to blusher shades like this, especially come summertime. While shimmery, this never accentuates my pores and even when it slightly fades (by the 10th hour), it does so evenly.

Terracotta Le Parfum ($73)

According to Guerlain, the "fragrance's intricate harmony opens on captivatingly fresh notes of bergamot, before developing into a heart of tiare flower and ylang ylang. One of Guerlain's emblematic ingredients, ylang ylang infuses scents with its warmth. Its sweet, sensual signature finally reveals a delicious vanilla-tinged dry down."


In short, I would describe this as 'beach in a bottle.' Then again, there's a good reason why I don't  attempt to describe scents, let alone review them.

The last time I ordered a perfume "sight unseen" (so to speak) was never. I blame Guerlain releasing extremely limited quantities of this scent, prompting a national Terracotta Le Parfum crisis, for my hastier-than-normal checkout process. To be honest, I don't usually gravitate towards these coconut, borderline suntan lotion smelling fragrances, but the apparent orange blossom and jasmine notes made it a more sophisticated and more pleasant tropical scent. Longevity-wise, the perfume -- despite being an EDT -- easily lasts eight hours on me without needing to reapply. In fact, I find it wears better as the day progresses. The fragrance itself is similar to the scent found in both of the bronzing powders, so if you fancy that particular scent, you will enjoy wearing this perfume as well. Personally, this is reserved for the summer months when I am anywhere but at the beach, but it is still a wonderful addition to my perfume collection nevertheless.

All three pieces are still available online on Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale's (and possibly at local Guerlain counters at said department stores), but I recommend picking the products up sooner than later if any of them sparks your interest! If I were to recommend one item to get, it would have to be the Sun Celebration Bronzing Powder. Not only is it a collector's piece, but it is one that I can imagine many folks actually reaching for and using all year round.


  1. I haven't played with my Terra Tropica yet, but I'm more tempted by the Sun Celebration now! The orange is really beautiful

    1. I can't wait to hear your thoughts/read your review on Terra Tropica, Jenn! :) Sun Celebration is beautiful -- I was surprised to read the other negative reviews regarding it.

  2. Fenny I got myself the Sun Celebration. It is the most beautiful terracotta inside out! The packaging is wooden and I am addicted as I have last year similar version as well! The SA tried in my face and was beautoful but until now I havent tried mine because it is too beautiful to ruin the Sun! ^.^ Great review!

    1. I'm so glad you got Sun Celebration, Lilian! I am honestly surprised by some of the negative reviews, but different strokes for different folks, I guess :) Thanks for reading! <3

  3. Such a versatile product! I would have never imagined all the results/finishes/looks you talked about. Honestly it looks TOO beautiful to even use!

    1. Sorry I just saw this comment, Patricia! <3 It honestly took me a while to dip a brush in them, but what's the point of just having makeup sit there, right? ;P