Monday, February 3, 2014

Dior Rouge Dior in 531 Rose Crinoline

Ever had one of those love at first swipe moments? I knew I needed a back-up as soon as Rose Crinoline went on my lips. The words 'limited edition' basically solidified that notion. Admittedly, I adore pastel peachy coral lipsticks, but finding the right formula to match the right shade can prove to be quite the task. Sometimes, the shade is just perfect, but the formula is either too sheer or is irritating to my very sensitive lips. Other times, the lipstick provides just the right amount of opacity, but the color is a bit off, ie too pale or too coral. Hence, my pile of forgotten lipsticks.

Thankfully, Dior's Rose Crinoline provides just the perfect shade with just the right amount of pigmentation. I've always had good luck with Dior lipsticks, to be honest -- whether it be the Rouge Dior or the Dior Addict. I personally prefer the Rouge Diors, since the color is apparent with just a swipe (although there are days where I do appreciate the sheerness of Dior Addicts.) I was able to achieve the color in the tube with just two swipes across my lips.

What I love about the lipstick so much is how hydrating and creamy it is. The sheen the lipstick gives makes lipgloss rather unnecessary, as it would only serve to take away the gorgeousness of the color. Once it goes on, the color stays on for a solid four hours (and through eating and drinking, I should add!) That said, I would still recommend a lip balm underneath.

I strongly suggest giving Rose Crinoline on the lips a chance, even if the color in the tube may seem as though it's out of one's comfort zone. The same lipstick translates differently on everyone's lips, and it is more wearable than some have made it to be. I personally enjoy pairing this lipstick with a brown smokey eye and a hint of pink on the cheeks. Rose Crinoline is still available on Nordstrom, Macy's, and I would imagine your local Dior counters as well.


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