Sunday, February 9, 2014

YSL Rosy Blush/Face Collector Palette

When I saw fellow Instagrammers posting pictures of the Yves Saint Laurent Rosy Blush palette, limited edition for Spring 2014, I knew it'd be mine. I have always had good luck with YSL blushes, whether it be cream or powder, so I had really high hopes for this as well. And how could I not with its lovely design and packaging? I mean, it only took a good two weeks of my having the blush sitting on display on my vanity before I finally dipped a brush in it. It truly is a piece of art in of itself!

However, upon first application, I knew calling the product a blush was very inaccurate. In fact, I had to build up the color in order for it to show up as possibly a highlighter. With one swipe, I was left with silver glitter on my cheekbones. It wasn't until three swipes later, when I was able to see some color with a hint of illumination. As a fan and collector of highlighters, it is safe to say I have quite the range -- from the ones that are blatantly in your face to the most subtle of subtle. Disappointingly enough, I wouldn't even categorize YSL's Rosy Blush as even a subtle highlighter, since it does not give enough luminosity to enhance my cheekbones. It really just sits on top of my blush, while adding a silvery glitter aspect.

(Swatches: Three swipes, Blended)

Collector palette? I couldn't have agreed more, since I feel that this palette does serve that purpose. At a $50 price tag though? I'll leave it to your judgment. I can see this face palette working better and more beautifully on fair skin tones, as well as when paired with a more cool-toned blush. Even then, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend the product, because it is rather chalky and not what I would imagine meeting the standards of folks who are fans of YSL's other cheek products.

I have heard that this palette is selling out fairly quickly. I managed to snatch mine from my local Saks for $50, as Nordstrom was not carrying it. I do want to point out the price difference I had noticed -- it was showing up as $46 on the YSL website but is currently showing out of stock. Therefore, your local Saks or even Neiman Marcus might be your best bet if you are planning on tracking one down.


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