Monday, December 30, 2013

Chanel Poudre Universelle Compact in Preface

I did not intend on purchasing anything from the Chanel Notes de Printemps Spring 2014 collection. Yes, folks, Chanel have always won the award for launching seasonal collections before anyone else... and they always will. One trip to my local Nordstrom, and the newest Chanel pressed face powder in Preface came home with me.

Now this is my first Poudre Universelle from Chanel, so I was not sure if it would be categorized as a setting powder or as a finishing powder. Thankfully, I've quickly come to learn that it performs extremely well as both. On my oily skin, this powder kept me matte while providing a luminous finish for a good eight hours before I needed to whip out a blotting sheet for my T-zone. For a pressed powder, this is probably one of the best I've tried. (But it still cannot quite hold a candle to my other loose powders, specifically La Mer's, when it comes to budge-proof oil control.)

Preface, itself, may look like it gives warmth to the skin due to its light peachy nature. However, it is more-or-less translucent when blended into the skin. Once it goes on, Preface leaves such a healthy, subtle glow to the face that makes one look well-rested. I would imagine that light to medium skin tones can wear this as an all-over face powder. Darker skin-toned gals, though, may find this a tad chalky.

The powder itself is very finely-milled, incredibly light-weight, and outshines NARS Light Reflecting Setting Pressed Powder in terms of ease of picking up product with a brush. (I can also see myself not going through it as quickly as the NARS, as I barely had to work my brush into the powder to pick up the product.) Yet it is not too powdery to the point where it kicks back product once I dipped my brush into the compact.

Is this a unique powder that I would suggest running out and getting right this instant? Not at all. Is it nice to add to one's collection? Absolutely. At $45, this is by no means cheap, but for the healthy, refreshed glow that Preface gives, I am willing to overlook the price. Now available at your local department stores Chanel counters, as well as


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