Saturday, January 31, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush in Angelic Radiance

Guerlain has collaborated with Dippin' Dots to bring you the Perles de Blush in Angelic Radiance! That was my initial impression when I received the box o' pearls in the mail, since I had ordered sight unseen.

As a collector of Guerlain limited edition pieces, I was more than disappointed with the presentation and packaging of this blusher, especially since this was one of the few pieces from the Spring collections that I was looking forward to! To begin, it's housed in a cardboard box that -- aside from the beautiful design -- just looks and feels cheap. By no means does 0.45 oz of product in a cardboard packaging warrant a $53 price tag.

But it is what's inside that matters, right? Let's take a look.

To start, each pearl/ball is about half the size of a regular Meteorite pearl, for those of you who are familiar with Guerlain's bestseller. Guerlain claims the blush is "a harmony of 3 pearls: a fuschia (that revives the natural color of the cheeks), an iridescent champagne (that illuminates the curve of the cheekbone), and a rose petal pink (that gently refreshes the complexion.)"

That alone is a good indication that it's difficult to veer into clown-cheeks territory with this product (unless you apply with the included useless puff.) In fact, I find myself having to go into the blusher 2-3 times in order to get a good color pay-off on my light-medium skin. As you can tell from the swatches below, there's only a whisper of color with one pass. It's only after three passes (or a good attack of the pearls), that I'm finally content with the color I get.

Please note that I had used a goat hair brush for these swatches, as I find natural-haired bristles to pick up the color better.

However, once the product goes on, it stays put for most of the day. And by that, I mean easily 10+ hours on primed skin without any fading nor oxidizing! In that regards, it lives up to the quality of Guerlain that I had expected.

I cannot whole-heartedly call Angelic Radiance a must-have -- not by any stretch of the imagination. The color is easily dupable, as much as I hate to admit. I'm sure we all have at least one slightly shimmery medium pink blush in our makeup collection.

To be honest, I do wonder how much use I'll get out of this, since it's a hassle to deal with blush delivered in such a way in the mornings. That said, the novelty of blush pearls and the fact that I tend to collect most Guerlain LE offerings makes this a product I'll be keeping.

This blush is still widely available at most department stores. Despite it being the most highly anticipated product from Guerlain's Spring 2015, I think the cardboard packaging paired with the easily dupable shade and the little amount of product has turned many people off from purchasing it.


  1. I was so tempted to buy these site unseen. But I was glad I didn't when I finally got a chance to see it in store. It seemed so tiny😱

    1. This product is unbelievably tiny, and less-than-elegant (in Guerlain terms, I think!) More money saved for their future releases :)