Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recent YSL acquisitions

Yves Saint Laurent. YSL. Three simple letters that just scream luxury both in the fashion front and in the beauty department. Personally, YSL hasn't released too many products in the last couple of years that have impressed me. However, give me sleek and posh packaging and promises of looking like a walking filter, and that can easily be changed.

Admittedly, the showstoppers of their latest collection(s) are the blurring/pore perfecting bronzers and blotting "powder." In the language of YSL, they are the Le Teint Saharienne bronzer and the healthy glow balm powder. Superfluous names for what is essentially silicone in a pan. These are, indeed, cream-to-powder products, so if you are one who shy away from cream products, you might want to have a look at the counter first.
The healthy glow balm powder ($55) launched earlier in Europe than it did stateside. When I first heard about the product, Mally Beauty's face defender came to mind and to be honest, it is a more refined version of the Mally face defender. Not only is the packaging more pleasing to the eye, but the product is also smoother when applied.
Despite looking pink in the pan, this goes on completely translucent. It is designed to be used as a touch up powder throughout the day. I personally found that the best way to use this is to first blot your face before going in with the product -- either with fingers or with the included sponge -- to avoid the cakey look. The sponge may look flimsy and cheap, especially for YSL standards, but it does the job better than any regular sponge. It can also be used over foundation to blur out pores while mattifying. YSL may not receive credit for originality on this product, but I must say it is a wonderful multi-tasker and one worth purchasing since there's been conflicting news as to whether or not this is a limited edition piece.
Next up, we have the La Teint Saharienne bronzer in Shade 04 Fauve ($55.) Picking the right bronzer shade for my NC25 skintone was quite difficult, since I wanted a shade that was not too orange and not too red. I went back and forth between 04 and 03 Epice and somehow ended up with (and loving!) both shades. So I'm picky when it comes to bronzers -- who would've known? Do keep in mind that the range of bronzers are designed for those up to NC40ish skintone. Any darker and you might have some trouble finding a shade that can work as a bronzer. If you can find a shade that matches your skintone, it can even work as a face powder.
Unlike the healthy glow balm powder, this comes with a double ended brush and sponge. While the sponge is useless, the brush actually works in a pinch (although I still recommend using your own stippling brush for this particular product.) I have applied this before and after setting my foundation, and it works well either way. I personally prefer applying after I had set with powder to avoid disturbing my base makeup.
The bronzer also comes with a pouch with an extra pocket for the said double ended brush and sponge applicator. Fancy, YSL. Fancy.
04 Fauve, 03 Epice
Like I had previously mentioned, I thought I had gotten the wrong shade when I initially picked up 04. It does apply a smidge orange on me, so I went ahead and got 03 as well. As you can tell, 03 is a bit lighter with golden undertones, whereas 04 leans slightly red. Truth be told, when the product goes on, the color difference is barely detectable, since the product itself is quite sheer to begin with. Both are great for warming up my complexion, not for contouring. I find that they tend to oxidize just the tiniest bit throughout the day but never to the point of Oompa Loompa.
Top: 04 Fauve, Bottom: 03 Epice
I would be lying if I were to say I didn't like these bronzers as much as the healthy glow balm powder. They're both outstanding products in their own ways. I must say that the bronzer does settle very noticeably into deep forehead lines, so try to avoid applying in those areas. Once this bronzer sets, it is hard to blend out the product from those creases. That brings me to my next point that the bronzer sets extremely fast, and once it does, it stays put till you remove your makeup at the end of the day -- with a heavy duty makeup remover. To say that the product is long-lasting would be an understatement.
YSL also recently introduced the full metal shadows ($30) to their line-up of eye makeup. If you're familiar with the Armani eye tints, you'll see that they bear some semblance (and they should because they're both owned by L'oreal.) However, YSL's range of liquid eyeshadows only boasts ten shades versus Armani's twelve shade offerings. That said, there is still a color for everyone -- from neutrals to the bold. Having owned an Armani eye tint prior to the YSL full metal shadow in 03 Taupe Drop, it is inevitable that I will be comparing both formulas. They are both very sheer when blended out, it's just a matter of whether you want shimmer or glitter with your sheerness. If you prefer the more subdued work-appropriate shimmer, then go with the Armani. If you want a more glamorous reflective finely-milled glitter, then go with the YSL.
Wear-time wise, I do get about the same 8+ hours for the YSL full metal shadow on top of my trusted NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base. I have tested both at the gym, and I can say that they do not withstand the sweat. They're not long-wearing in that aspect, but on a normal day-to-day basis, they do hold up quite nicely and beautifully. The shades offered by both Armani and YSL are not unique by any means nor are they budget-friendly, but given the ease of application, I can see many people gravitating towards these liquid shadows. I like swiping them close to the lash line, blended into the crease, and finishing off with mascara for a quick and simple yet polished look.

All the products mentioned in this post are available at your local department store YSL counters, as well as Sephora and YSL Beauty. Have you checked out any of these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the great review!! I think I'll have to go try out those blurring thingys, but sadly the Saharienne collection did not launch in Asia, and of the pink blurry pan was LE, I'm probably too late for it. YSL's distribution is a little shoddy in Taiwan sometimes. I remb one year there was a NP shade and the whole of TW only got 5 bottles, and of course all of them were reserved for press or something like that. I mean why the heck bother importing it at all then.
    I havent tried the Full Metal Shadows either, as I'd read quite a few negative reviews about them, and only a few shades spoke to me. I do like the Armanis though, so maybe I should give them some counter swatchy time! Am seeing Dior's Fall collection popping up in some blogs! Wonder how their liquid metallic shadows compare!

    1. Thanks for reading Noodles!! You know who to ask if you need a hold of these blurring products :) The pink one just launched here in Sephora, so it will definitely be in stock for a while. The full metal shadows are definitely not for everyone, since it sheers out a bit too much for some. If I were to choose, I still prefer the old eyes to kill to these new liquid shadows, since they pack a bigger punch :) Dior's fall collection definitely looks promising! Thankfully the highlighter is a re-promote so I don't have to rush to get it lol.